16/03/23 I forgor
weird looking echidna

I forgot my headphones today :( but so far its not so bad-- im more so worried about how ill survive drawing class while having to listen to my teachers classical music (kill me).

I was at the tram stop this morning at the ideal hours to witness a retiree migration. Normally its just a couple people waiting at my stop, but today a giant heard of elderly people occupied most of the stop. There had to be like 30 of them, all chitchatting with their little backpacks on wheels. It was as loud as a school bus on that tram untill they got off at the stop near the church. Admittedly, I wasn’t particularly annoyed by them. An actual school bus would be far more annoying. I don’t ave anything against people being old, but I do have something against old people. You know why… its because of what they believe and who they vote for.

Not very interesting today, but I felt like writing a blog so here it is. And heres a picture of my lunch (beetroot salad with feta and rucola + iced matcha latte)

weird jerma dream i posted in my priv discord and never shared jerma dream screenshot

Also im getting my teeth removed tomorrow PLEASE SEND HEALING ENERGY I BEG YOU

15/03/23 First blog lol
pinkiepie and snoop

Today I was nearly an hour late for class and I didn't miss anything important, interesting or educational. I dont want my first blog post to be a rant, but the education system has failed me more times than I can calculate on my GDC. The worst of them all atm would have to be my visual communications class. Every project feels like a task I would've been given in grade school art class (but WITHOUT THE FUN BITS). My prof insists on doing things in the most "objective and readable way possible" which basically means depriving the peice of any expression whatsoever. Not to mention the only permited medium is markers and crayons (IM TELLING YOU. GRADE SCHOOL.) not that crayons arent fun... I just expected to to more digital art in a GOD DAMN DIGITAL ART SCHOOL. Not to mention drawing a boring ass corporate vector art-style in crayon is fucking hard. We had "eco friendly" as a topic so i made a bad ass poster about public transport (i wanted to draw something more anti capitalist but I didnt want to push it with her) but SHE,, SHEEE MADE ME CHANGE IT. She said it wasn't on topic enough and made me change it to a fucking basic ass clipart globe with a little fucking plant on it. I swear im still recovering from that situation sob.

On a lighter note though, i think i saved a bird yesterday. I was walking to the bus stop when i saw a tiny lil bird on the sidewalk next to the road. A fledgling i think, almost ready to fly. I thought it fell from the nearest tree that was behind a fence in someones yard. I carefully picked it up with my gloves and rung the intercom. After an awkward explanation i was able to get the bird back by the nest. When I held it in my hands, it was so quiet and calm. I was nervous, but the fact that the bird was just chilling put me at ease. As soon as I released it, it hopped onto the substrate and began picking at the ground. It was super cute, I Hope its ok.

heres a relevant jerma clip