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Welcome to pestie's stupid website! mantis 1

Welcome to my silly little neocities thingy!! hehehehe.

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Last updated: 22.03.23

Projects ant with leaf

  • Developing this site (lol)
  • Rainworld fanfic that you can read here
  • Make a favorite tea list!! I'll add it here when its done :)


butterfly jar 1 Name: pestie/jayse/jay

jar 2 Pronouns: he/it/they

jar 3 Occupations: student, artist, pirate

jar 4 Fav bands: Deathgrips, Gorillaz

Hai my name is pestie and i am bug lover and a capitalism hater. please check out my stuffs!!!!!

Lurk around the site and find my stuffs im not gonna help you tho lol you gotta search through the mess.

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