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im in yoer computar1!!

heya there baybee,,!!

my name is P3ST aka PESTILENCE aka CR3ATURE but my friends just call me pestie. Me pronounce are it/its but you can also use he or they esokay bayebe ;)

This site is just a silly place for art and stuff!! feel free to explore :) be warned though i suck real bad at html (I JUST STARTED LEARNING PLEASE dont look through my code i will CRY very HARD i swear i will be able to tell that you are looking so DONT DO IT i will TRACK YOUR IP ADRESS AND [REDACTED]

Yea so please igonore spelling mistakes i am illiterate and i write most of this shit in notepad instead of an actual word processor with autocorrect because im just fucking rad like that ha.

ok thats all, enjoy your stay question mark??

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Projects ant with leaf

  • Developing this site (lol)
  • Rainworld fanfic that you can read here
  • Make a favorite tea list!! I'll add it here when its done :)